ImageMaps beta

ImageMaps is a system by which you can use your cell phone to submit a picture you've taken with it and have it associated with a Google Map.
Simply e-mail the picture to, using the subject to describe the location where you took the picture.
If Google Maps can locate it, a satellite map of your location will appear below the picture.
You can even add some text to the body of your e-mail to describe it!

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03.07.2007New search feature
Search wiredMD, the web, business listings, images, videos, news, blogs and books all at once!
Vote on and tag useful links and submit videos straight to wiredMD's educational videos.
03.07.2007ImageMaps beta
Submit pictures from your cell phone to wiredMD and have your location mapped on Google Maps.
A great way to share your experiences with the world!
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